Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Fat

I love happy fat. You know what I'm talking about... the "let's-just-stay-home-and-get-fettucini-alfredo-and-then-lick-chocolate-gelato-off-each-other" kind of happy fat. It's awesome and I have NO JUDGMENT of you if you've enjoyed your lazy, indulgent days full of yummy goodness. For me, great food is a part of celebrating life and I embrace those sybaritic moments of hedonism.

But engage in that lifestyle for too long and you'll have a muffin top before you can say, "Nutella crepes!" (Have you tried those? omg... so awesome... )

Anyway, my point is that I totally get the food thing. I'm not the cleanest eater 100% of the time but I strive for balance. My boyfriend (tee hee... it's a new relationship so please wish me joy and luck and all that stuff) just had his birthday week (Yeah, you get a birthday week! Did you know that?) and we ate cake at least four times (or was it five?). 

So, you know what's on the menu this week? Veggies. Lots and lots of veggies. Right now I'm doing these artichokes in the slow cooker with just lemon, garlic and tons of Italian seasoning. When they're finished cooking, I will dribble a little olive oil on them and sprinkle some Parmesan on top. Seriously delicious with a little bit of healthy oil, tons of fiber and chock full of nutrients. Plus they take a while to eat so you can't scarf down too much before you start feeling full. Have you ever tried one? If you haven't, they're pretty fun and unique to eat. You scrape the soft edge of the leaves over your teeth and discard the rest on a plate... then you chop off the pointy stuff in the middle (the choke) and eat the soft artichoke heart underneath it.

So, that's how I maintain some balance after the happy fat attempts to make another appearance. Heck, even Michelle Obama admitted in a recent online chat that she and her husband gained weight when they first got married. (Yeah, go Barack!) Of course, she attributed it to being two busy working professionals but I've got my own theories. And the First Lady's answer to their weight gain struggle was (drum roll please....) to cook one meal a week at home and drink more water. Anyway... how about you? Any great recipes you'd like to share? How about "new love" stories? I love those :)

Health & Happiness,


  1. Yep, I've been accumulating Happy Fat since I met Ahi on Christmas Eve of 2008. It is so hard for me to train like I used to. I'd rather be home laughing and snuggling with him. I try to train at least once or twice a week. But if I skip some workouts to be with my husband or friends, I don't punish myself. I'm finding that human connections are more important to me than body image.

  2. hahaha - entertaining AND educational. who could ask for anything more ?!?
    thanks for the info Z!

  3. I'm about the connection first too, body second, but I say go for both. One of the reasons I train with Extreme Fitness (inside information) is for performance...and yes, weekend warrior is just one of the activities I am referring to...errr...well, ok. So, back to food I think certain finger foods work well as it allows for the low calorie / high imagination angle.

  4. I think produce is far underrated. This evening, I asked a mixologist for a virgin cocktail (I'd just finished tasting a slew of fried foods; that was enough indulgence for this health writer). He didn't know what to mix for me. I started throwing out possibilities: shiso, saffron, horseradish...well, that led to a conversation about dragonfruit, and surprise surprise, produce can be just as intriguing as the most caloric aphrodisiacs!

  5. haha... the fat may be happy but we laugh aboutlove fat all the time because it happens!!! love fat especially happens with expecting fathers... they grow right along side momma, except they bring a whole new meaning to baby fat!
    my honee definitely could tell you about that love, fat...he would also attribute it to lack of sex, and I will admit I am not one of those sex is fun while preggo people...
    so recipes definitely my apple cider remedy every day for 10 days to start...
    2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    1 tablespoon honey
    1 glass of water

  6. Vegetables and running... The more veggies I eat and the more I keep running, the better off I am. Of course, every time I fall for someone, the less I feel like running. And, the less I feel like eating veggies... hmmm... Zen, you're on to something.

  7. I indulge too much at times... Maybe this is why I spend so much time exercising.. Hmm... But explain this... I try to at least have 50/50 veggies to everything else. But I think the Happy Fat subconsciously scares the veggies and they somehow run off my plate... It looks 50/50 before they arrive cooked on my plate! haha..