Thursday, September 30, 2010

"I'm fine."

Is your life really fine? I know when I say it, I'm lying to myself. Usually, I'm pretty pissed off if I'm using the phrase, "I'm fine."

At the gym today, I caught myself answering the often benign question, "How are you?" with that horribly polite and boring response. Normally, I would have a more upbeat retort like, "I'm really good!" even though any Tony Robbins follower or ex-marine should always respond with "OUTSTANDING!" But I digress...

I wondered what my problem was and it could be a few things:
1. Los Angeles has been enjoying the HOTTEST temperatures in history this week. (115 degrees. Seriously?)
2. Several clients canceled their personal training sessions for numerous reasons (i.e. "I'm sick" or "I've got a headache" or "Oh, I forgot I had class..."). I try to make client cancellations no reflection upon my value as a trainer but if I'm honest with myself I would have to admit that I take it personally. I worry that I'm not inspiring them enough or they aren't seeing fast enough results because I'm missing something that could help them improve.
3. I just got back from visiting family in Chicago and relishing my 8th grade Reunion (which was awesome and hysterical and you can ask me about it if you like, I've got photos :) And while I'm there, I always make it standard practice to indulge in Chicago food. Not only did I enjoy my favorite pizza (Father & Son on North Avenue. Anyone?) but I also had a couple hot dogs (Vienna Beef, of course), White Castle and my delicious local ice-cream parlor which happens to be a couple blocks from my sister's house. Let's just say I had A LOT of ice cream for just visiting for five days.

Even though I went for a couple long walks and worked out with my sister, I have to say that I know the food affected me. Not so much the increase in calories but the LACK of nutrition in my delicious Chicago fare. And as I stated above, I could have a couple reasons for feeling kinda poopy but I believe that I'm still reeling from sugar withdrawl and all the vital nutrients so blatantly omitted from the severely processed food I associate with my home town. I LOVE that crap. I really do. But I'm also keenly aware that I could not continue to eat like most 8th graders... or I'll suffer the consequences of depressed moods, increased body fat, dulling complexion, decrease in concentration, etc. Could my mood have something to do with the weather or my work? Sure. But I try to empower myself with the stuff I can control... which is my food and activity level.

As I stated in my last blog, I'm going to share some of my strategies for living a healthy life while enjoying love, too. While being apart from my boyfriend on my visit, we talked on the phone every night. I admitted that I was completely enjoying myself like an addict about to go into rehab and that I need his help and support when I returned to LA.

1. I think it's so key to have your sweetheart on board with a diet plan even if THEY aren't going to be eating what you eat... at least they can encourage and support your choices (especially when you start begging for a cheeseburger and a Dove bar). Luckily, my boyfriend is pretty amazing and he's down with the chicken breast, broccoli, brown rice and salad thing.

2. I try to make grocery shopping fun. Now before you scoff, let me ask you something. Are there any fruits or vegetables in the produce section that you have never bought because you don't know what it is and how to eat it? You know what I'm talking about. I try to grab a new piece of mystery fruit and we try it out together. It makes things fun.

3. Perhaps if I had a larger TV I'd spend more time in front of it, but I try to make quality time with my love AWAY from the TV. Have you ever used the excuse that you don't have time to workout? Have you ever used the excuse that you don't have special evenings with your honey? Are you watching TV together all the time? Could you possibly make a little change there and try it out? Just sayin'...

So, I'm back home in LA and getting back on track with my body, my work and my partner. But I really did enjoy my vacation :) I wouldn't have changed a thing.

How about you? Any thoughts?

Health & Happiness,


  1. Yeah, what is it about vacation that makes us think we can toss our good habits and willpower out the window? As a northeasterner, I am surrounded by all things delicious and bad for me: thin crust pizza, italian food, zeppolis, funnel cakes, custard stands...and although I don't completely deny myself, I have to enjoy them in moderation.

    And the TV thing...I was recently complaining that there was not enough time for me to enjoy all my favorite shows that are piling up on my 2 DVRs. So, when I made a makeshift gym in my house, I put a TV in there, too. Now I don't feel so bad watching Modern Family while I sweat on the treadmill. :)

  2. I experience a noticeable change in my mood when I eat foods high in fat, low in nutrients and fiber. I think fiber is KEY to feeling good. When I'm on vacation I always try to make sure I squeeze in some brisk walks - - it's really fun to exercise outdoors, especially when you're in a new place. And if I know I'll be eating fatty/rich foods at dinner I try to make sure I get leafy greens at lunch, maybe oatmeal at breakfast. That way I don't feel TOO horribly guilty when I get back home. As far as the tv watching goes, I find that a nice walk with loved ones after dinner is a much better way to unwind AND spend a little quality time together!

  3. I think "I'm fine" is scientifically defined as I feel F.ucked up, I.nsecure, N.eurotic, and E.motional! I am guilty of using it as a response frequently when not wanting to open up and share what I really have going on inside. Communication is my most valuable tool for health in general. If I have something bothering me I am most likely to reach for comfort food, laziness and isolation unless I choose to communicate. Once I let it all out I am more likely to feel connected and motivated to have a peppy workout, a sensible nutrient choice and a healthier connection to myself and others!

  4. I think I agree with Benson on this one except that I think I am crazy enough that I know when I say I'm fine I'm really not. I want to talk about it and I'm going to, but just don't want to sound like I am always complaigning. I think my body has gotten so off track it doesn't know what good feels like anymore so fine has become a reality for most of the time as opposed to a once in awhile feeling. So walking and eating better foods are on the list of things to do. Lord knows my body will be suprised maybe my fiance will be to...haha