Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love Makes You Fat

Love makes you fat! I recognize that my declaration upsets people... but I've got PROOF now!

As a fitness professional and serial monogamist, I have noticed some trends over the years not only in MY body but in my clients' bodies as well. I'm here to talk about it and, more importantly, discuss what can be DONE about it.

Your relationship DOES affect your body weight... especially if you 're a woman.

Have you noticed some weight creep since you moved in with your loved one? I bet you have.

This blog is dedicated to the sharing of stories, struggles, strategies and successes of those of us who want to KEEP the love... but lose the love handles.

I'm looking forward to helping you (and myself) find that balance.

Health & Happiness,


  1. So true! I think part of the challenge is thinking my 39-year-old-woman's-metabolism self can eat the same things that my 29-year-old-zero-body-fat boyfriend can eat. He could eat marshmallows and M&Ms for breakfast and not gain an ounce and I spend one weekend with him and feel my jeans tightening. Ugh.

  2. Absolutely! With the exception of the wedding, love makes me complacent, which makes me fat. Unfortunately, I can't really get married every other year to keep that threat of not fitting in the dress in mind.

    And I agree with Jen! It's fun to think that I'm still 18 and can eat whatever I want. Then I wake up.

  3. I got up to my highest weight ever the year following my wedding! So yeah, it is true. But luckily the year after that I woke up and did something about it :)

  4. You have hit the nail on the head with this post. I have been married for 9 yrs. and have packed on the pounds. My husband has too. I think it's because we are both "comfortable" in the relationship. I need to get back on the wagon and get this weight off! being 38 and over weight is such an unhealthy life for me. Help Jen....

  5. I've been with my b/f for 9 yrs now. He was fit when we met. I've always been overweight, but add quitting smoking, turning 40 and menopause to the equation and WOW! In 6 yrs time (I'm 46 now), I packed on an additional 60lbs! Ugh! Yes, love makes you happy, comfortable and fat. My b/f has gained about the same too! I've lost 10 lbs so far and THIS time I'm getting healthy!

  6. Omg! This is such a timely topic for me right now. We've been together for over a year and the weight has definitely crept on. Now we're newly engaged (Yay!!!!) and I need to take off the weight, not only for my health, but also to fit into a killer wedding dress!

  7. This is true for me... but lately as I've gotten older, it's the opposite! I've always been super skinny until I met the ONE I married 17 years ago, the father of my children and now aka my ex-husband. in 1992 I met him, I weighed 128 and was 5"10. Got married 4 years later, weighed 130, had two babies (3 years apart) and right before we got divorced 7 years ago, I weighed 178 lbs!!! once we separated I was all ready to go back on the market, and worked out, went on wight watchers and lost 47 lbs!!! met whom I thought was the love of my life, gained back 30 lbs!! last year broke up with the boyfriend after a 6 year relationship with him, and have been alone for a little over a year now, and being alone and 40, I feel that my weight constantly fluctuates!! I think I eat more when I'm lonely than when I'm dating, but then once I am in a relationship, I seem to gain weight! strangely enough, I don't want to be in a relationship, and feel great being alone and being a mommy, 40 years old, having a great career, as long as I don't gain weight! is that really what it takes for me to keep my weight in control? being without a man? oy! I guess I'll be alone for a while... I'm happy in my size 6, being 5"10!!!!! don't want to get into the big & tall stores any more!


  8. Speaking as a husband who was a 31" waist on my wedding day and now a 36" , I strongly believe that because your life style changes so much after marriage you will put on some pounds. First a young single guy running around to clubs, bars, playing softball, basketball and going to the gym, never home for the big family meals,thinking about sex more than food. Next thing you know, your inviting people over for dinner, showing up at all the family parties,big holiday meals,baby's first birthday parties on both sides, yours and hers . Now the children come along, not much time to play basketball anymore, spending more time at home and less time at the gym. Your working harder, spending long hours at the office so you can pay for that house your wife wants with the new big kitchen, a large dependable car and college tuition. So after a long day you come exhausted, take your seat at the table and enjoy your meal, write some checks out, watch a little TV and hit the sheets. Yes, its a uphill battle,not easy to win. Bon appetit

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